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Chiropractic Treatment

Dr. Bouchard offers chiropractic treatment to both athletic and non–‐athletic patients. Working with athletes demands both rapid and lasting results, as they need to compete tomorrow, not after 20 visits to the chiropractor.

Dr. Bouchard uses techniques similar to Active Release Techniques, which is a state of art of the art soft tissue technique used with professional athletes. She spends at least a half an hour with each patient and 80–‐90% of that time is working with soft tissue. Dr. Bouchard believes that the muscles are what moves the body, and if the muscles are overused or underused they can go into spasm. When overly tensed, they lose blood supply. Without adequate blood supply the muscles lay down fibrous tissue, rendering them stiff and rigid. The lack of muscular elasticity compromises the blood supply to the joints, and soon they lay down protective fibrous tissue and inflame and irritate the joints, causing pain.

Dr. Bouchard diagnoses the muscles that have lost their elasticity and reinstates blood supply to the appropriate muscle and joints. Her goal to achieve 50–‐80 percent improvement in the first visit, unlikely many chiropractors, where you must receive 10–‐20 adjustments to experience results. In most cases the condition is resolved in 4–‐5 visits, depending on how many years the condition has existed.

Dr Michelle Bouchard
Manasquan Chiropractor | Improve Health Chiropractic

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